Collaborative Solutions for Resilient Reefs & Enduring Communities

Sea Turtle, Coconut Palm, & Coral illustrations by Charlotte Grenier, OPOR Team Graphic Designer

Micronesian Outer Islanders from the remote atolls of Yap & Chuuk in the western Pacific have sustainably managed their coastlines for centuries. Marine resources shape the cultural & social dynamics of these coastal communities. Their traditions & livelihoods are intimately linked to the health of the reefs that surround their islands.

In 2010, islanders recognized a decline in fish populations & reef health, in addition to a series of human health challenges. Rapid environmental and cultural changes threaten the present & future wellbeing of the reefs & the communities who rely on them.

One People One Reef is a collaboration between Micronesian coastal communities & scientists who develop inclusive, adaptive, & sustainable conservation solutions to protect the health & resilience of critical coral reefs marine habitat & the people who rely on them for food security.

Our revolutionary approach to adaptive marine conservation supports community leadership & traditional ecological knowledge & management systems with modern science. We envision resilient reefs & healthy communities for current and future generations.

Our Mission

  • To achieve effective and enduring protection of critical marine habitats and the people who rely on them.
  • To develop innovative & diverse partnerships that advance adaptive management and conservation in Micronesian outer islands.
  • To develop local capacity through a unique collaborative approach that weaves traditional knowledge & management practices together with modern science and technology.

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We work closely with Bluecology, whose mission is to preserve marine wildlife and ecosystems through community-based programs which foster informed choices that will reduce adverse human impact on the marine environment.