2017 Youth Action Plan Project

We enthusiastically  announce our third year of partnering with Bluecology to bring a dynamic team of students, educators, and researchers with us to Ulithi in 2017. The team will  work  together  with community leaders, local students and the OPOR science team to assist with the second stage of developing an action plan for youth leadership.  This year, we are thrilled to have Eva Salas, Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California Santa Cruz.  Eva’s PhD is in coral reef ecology and fish population structure, and she worked collaboratively with the OPOR science team on Ulithi 2016. She is a wealth of information and an enthusiastic scientist and educator. We will also have local leadership from Justine, a teacher on Ulithi,  who will be facilitating the local youth team.  The  Youth Program in Micronesia will take place June 9-28, with a tentative second program June 23 – July 12.

The Youth Action Plan project was created in response to community’s view that  an education focus  on sustainable ocean management  should include their youth.  The Youth Action Plan project  will be sponsored annually and  will include topics of concern and interest  particular to young people in Ulithi as well as globally.