We are about to embark on an epic expedition to visit the Yap Outer Islands who have invited us to work with them on fisheries and reef management issues.  Follow our Blog as we cover these beautiful islands and their wonderful communities with whom we work in partnership.

Departing from Weno, Chuuk (Federated States of Micronesia) on 23 May 2017.   We will visit several communities as we traverse Yap, including Satawal, Lamotrek, Elato, Ifaluk, Woleai, Sorol, and return to Ulithi Atoll (Yap State) in mid-June.

We have a terrific team on this expedition joining us!

Nicole Crane, One People One Reef, Cabrillo College

Giacomo Bernardi, One People One Reef, University of California Santa Cruz

Peter Nelson, One People One Reef, HT Harvey

Michelle Paddack, One People One Reef, Santa Barbara City College

Jennifer Casselle, University of California Santa Barbara

Andrew Brooks, University of California Santa Barbara

Heidi Dewar, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

May Roberts, PhD student, University of California Santa Cruz

Eva Salas, Univeristy of Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College

Scott Davis, Photographer

Steve Ryan, California State University Monterey Bay

John Rulmal, Jr, One People One Reef, Falalop Ulithi

And a team of 4 from the outer Islands!

Our mission is to help each community assess the health of their reefs and work with them to build more sustainable marine resources and human communities by rejuvenating traditional fisheries practices and enhancing them with ecological knowledge and modern fisheries assessment techniques. By listening to the concerns, needs, knowledge, and successes within each community, and sharing those from Ulithi, our goal is to empower each island community with knowledge and action so that they can continue to thrive in our changing seas.