Derwin Rolmar


From the beautiful islands of Ulithi, Yap FSM

Derwin Rolmar was born and raised in Ulithi Atoll, a small island group in Yap, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). As a young boy, Derwin learned how to play guitar from a Japanese Overseas Corporation Volunteer, and ever since then, music has been his passion. He has since taught himself how to play bass guitar, ukulele, and piano by ear. In high school, Derwin joined a small band formed by his cousins – aptly named “Cuz’ns”. Together, they have worked to recreate classic, Ulithian songs through the use of modern music technology. In recent years, Cuz’ns joined members from other Ulithian bands to form “Ulithian Vibes”, a music production group whose goal is to show case the culture and stories of Ulithi through musical collaboration. Derwin dreams that one day, Ulithian music, and musicians, will find a place on the “global stage”. Currently, Derwin resides on Guam with his wife and daughter, and creates music in his home studio.