Kelsey Dolye

Digital Media Producer

  • Kelsey Doyle is an award winning documentary filmmaker and media producer whose work focuses on supporting non-profits and giving them agency by making documentary films about their causes – a marketing strategy non-profit organizations cannot afford.
  • Her work has taken her and her teams from the jungles of Sumatra, savannahs of Maasailand, to the outermost Pacific islands of Micronesia and has been published by Stanford, National Geographic, Oceanic Society, National Science Foundation, UN, Filmmaker, Independent Filmmaker Project, PBS Newshour, Stanford, UCB, NYU, Patagonia, and New York Magazine. She is a proud member of the Board of Directors of Naretoi.
  • Kelsey holds an M.A. in News and Documentary Journalism from New York University and a B.A. in Film and Digital Media from the University of California. She’s lived in Buenos Aires, Brooklyn, and London. Currently, she is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.