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Another highlight from our summer – One People One Reef hosted a community screening of Island Soldier Movie on Falalop, Ulithi. We watched Nathan Fitch’s moving documentary outside the church, underneath the stars, during our 2019 Youth Project. The film is especially relevant to Ulithian youth, for whom US military service can be an attractive opportunity, which they must weigh against leaving the atoll for study opportunities, or remaining and living a more traditional lifestyle.

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One of several Montipora survey teams from the Ulithi Youth Action Program this summer. 💪 The students first learn about the study, train using the field methods, then go out and collect real data to be analyzed! 📈 In the process, they learn more about the reef, marine science, new skills, and get to form friendships between with other students from different backgrounds and cultures. 👩🏾‍🔬👨🏾‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬

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OPOR is here under the big city lights of Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 at the 🌏 International Congress for Conservation Biology 🦏 to share our our story, hear about conservation stories from around the world, and discuss how we should move forward. We’ll be live streaming 2 presentations tomorrow. First, OPOR Scientist Michelle Paddack will talk about how some of our data has helped Ulithi communities make informed management decisions. Jr Falalop 😉 @jrulmal and Nicole Crane have the honor of giving the closing plenary talk on how conservation biologist can rethink what it means to “work with communities”. Tune in for the live streams on either our Facebook page or on Instagram! ⏲️ If you’re in Yap State, the first talk will be sometime around 12:45pm on Thursday, and for Californians, Wednesday around 9:45pm. Junior and Nicole’s plenary will be streaming at 7:15pm Thursday, Ulithi time, and at ⏰ 2:15am Thursday morning California time! #iccb2019#micronesiaconservation #micronesia#conservation#marineconservation#conferencelife

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And that is a wrap for the 2019 Ulithi Youth Action Program! 💙 2 weeks full of highlights from camping ⛺ on Geilop 🏝️ to observe turtles nesting 🐢, exploring the pristine reef of Yaelil 🤯✨, talking trash 🚮 (surveys) with @oceandebrismanagement, coral surveys 💪, as well as scratching the tip of the coconut palm learning about the incredibly deep and practical traditional knowledge of our outer islander ancestors. Oh, and let’s not forget our friendships made and our lifelong connections to the Ulithian and Woleaian communities. It’s not good bye, it’s fatoot ngaligich! 💚 #onepeopleonereef #micronesia #micronesiaconservation

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One (of unusually many) groups that will be out this summer is our youth program which is made up of 8-10 youth from Ulithi, 8 youth from the US, and this year, we’re so excited 🙌 to have 2 youth from Woleai Atoll. The students work together on tackling various science projects💪🔬, like monitoring the spread of a weedy coral across the reef, issues surrounding marine debris, and the recovery of a reef following changes in management strategies by the community. They also learn about coral reef ecology, field methods for data collection, and about all the other work going on while ALSO participating community service work (gardening 🌱🌱🌱 this year!)

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