Avigdor Abelson: Coral Reef Ecologist & Reef Restoration

Avigdor Abelson is a Professor of Marine Biology in the Department of Zoology at Tel-Aviv University in Tel Aviv, Israel.


“My research activities include topics related to: restoration ecology, coral-reef ecology, marine protected areas (MPAs) and artificial-reef design. Beyond my academic activities, I was involved in various ecological impact assessments (EIA) and management projects, including: Coastal-Zone Management plan of Angola’s coast, guidelines for artificial reefs in the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, and the impact of trawl fishing on the East Mediterranean Sea biota. Recently I am involved in coral-reef restoration projects in Palawan (the Philippines), in which I serve as a consultant in two local NGOs (‘South-Sea Rehab’ and SEED).

I teach environmental, marine biology and zoological courses, such as: Introduction to Marine Biology, MPA planning, Invertebrate Zoology and Topics in Environmental Quality.”