Jon Jr. Rulmal.: Community Liaison, Local Project Management.

Jon Jr. Rulmal, Ulithi Falalop Community Action Program, Ulithi Atoll, FSM – community liaison, local project management, community activator!

Jon Jr. Rulmal lives on Falalop, Ulithi.

He is a project leader, community leader, and organizer from Ulithi Atoll (Yap outer islands).  He is helping to make this project a success in the outer islands – uniting communities around tradition and management.  He engages Chiefs, Leaders and community members to come together around this central issue – maintaining sustainable food supplies by ensuring healthy reefs and fish populations.  Hofag!

Jon is  moving this effort forward in the region, and works closely with the Chiefs, leaders and community members to inform the larger community about the need for management, improved diet and health, and youth engagement.  He can be reached at

691-952-1198 (cell)