Ulithi project budget areas.

Donations will fund the following areas.

  • Science team summer field-work (travel and accommodations, some equipment): 5 scientists.
  • Funds for the community to support community data collection efforts. This covers data collectors (fuel costs, data entry and management stipend) from each participating community.
  • Deep Reef Remotely Operated Vehicle and scientific gadgetry team (build instrumentation for the project and collect remote data).  Instrumentation includes abiotic data loggers (temperature, currents, chlorophyll, video baited stations)
  • Students to come as interns. **We are particularly interested in getting more students involved with the project, both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Boat to expand the project to visit other outer islands throughout the Carolines.
  • Genetics: funds to support the DNA analysis for connectivity (larval flow to reefs), and population genetics (for example identifying population structure of the ‘invasive’ Montipora coral), and barcoding for identification of new species.
  • Other project expenses.  Funds will support
    • Website and blog
    • Other outreach materials, including report publication
    • Travel to conferences and agencies to present the work
    • Although no stipend funds are included here for the science team, acquiring stipend funds would allow some team members to reduce their teaching loads temporarily to focus more attention on project expansion.