Nicole Crane: Marine Biologist and Project Leader

Nicole Crane is a Professor in the Department of Biology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California; she is also a Senior Conservation Scientist at the Oceanic Society.

“My main academic and research interests are in long term monitoring, with an emphasis
in ecology of coral and temperate reefs. My work is aimed at conservation and protection of marine resources, and helping people do the same. My field work includes temperate and tropical reef monitoring, fish biology, stream ecology, plant communities, and marine mammal ecology. I have been working with communities helping to set up monitoring
programs, looking at habitat and fish populations on reefs and leading natural history expeditions for over 20 years with the Oceanic Society. I am a committed educator, and teach Marine Biology, Environmental Science and Plant Biology & Ecology. I also conduct research in the social sciences, specifically science education, looking at what motivates students in the sciences, and effective ways to recruit and retain underrepresented students. I have established both national and regional marine science technology and education programs in the United States.

I am an avid scuba diver and dive instructor. I have two kids, ages 10 and 13, who often come with me and my husband (Giacomo Bernardi) to do our work.

I have worked in California, Alaska, Mexico, the Bahamas, Belize, Galapagos, the tropical Eastern Pacific, French Polynesia and Micronesia.”

Nicole’s website can be found here.