OPOR honored as Explorers Club Flag Expedition

The Explorers Club has chosen One People One Reef as a Flag Expedition!

The Explorers Club, a nonprofit located in New York City that supports field research and the preservation of exploration, has supported the work of the One People One Reef team for some time now. Nicole Crane, one of OPOR’s leaders, is a long-standing Explorers Club member, the EC has funded affiliated scientist Sara Cannon‘s work as a student in Ulithi for three years in a row, and, this year, Rick Saber from the California Chapter is joining us in Ulithi as a part of the Youth Action Plan team.

explorers club flag

Past flag expeditions were led by elite explorers and scientists like the famed polar explorer Bob Bartlett, naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews, and the astronauts aboard Apollo 11. The flag has flown at both poles, on the moon, at the top of Mount Everest, and even in Outer Space. Needless to say, flying the flag in Ulithi is an honor. This will be the first time the flag has flown in Micronesia. We are thrilled to have been picked to represent the Explorers Club, and to have their continued support.