OPOR is here under the big city lights of Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 at the 🌏 International Congress for Conservation Biology 🦏 to share our our story, hear about conservation stories from around the world, and discuss how we should move forward. We’ll be live streaming 2 presentations tomorrow. First, OPOR Scientist Michelle Paddack will talk about how some of our data has helped Ulithi communities make informed management decisions. Jr Falalop 😉 @jrulmal and Nicole Crane have the honor of giving the closing plenary talk on how conservation biologist can rethink what it means to “work with communities”. Tune in for the live streams on either our Facebook page or on Instagram! ⏲️ If you’re in Yap State, the first talk will be sometime around 12:45pm on Thursday, and for Californians, Wednesday around 9:45pm. Junior and Nicole’s plenary will be streaming at 7:15pm Thursday, Ulithi time, and at ⏰ 2:15am Thursday morning California time! #iccb2019#micronesiaconservation #micronesia#conservation#marineconservation#conferencelife

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