Weathering a Typhoon on Falalop, Ulithi


We had a tight schedule- between the workshop and the sampling we needed to do.  Then we  got the news  that there was a storm state warning and it would be on top of us fast.

We were not to be stranded alone…The beautiful dive boat Damai (Indonesia) was in the area doing dives and surveying for manta rays. There is no safe anchorage in the area for a storm from the direction of the typhoon so the Damai needed to it’s offload passengers on Falalop. A handful of crew would stay with the boat to weather the storm   A large percentage of the population of Falalop formed a human chain out onto the reef to help passengers and supplies offload. It was an awesome sight!

Even though the storm was raging outside we had great company and some great food they offloaded too! We didn’t hesitate to enjoy it. We took shelter downstairs and shared with our new visitors and captive audience information about our One People One Reef Project, clownfish biology, and coral reef ecology. Our guest were an engaged audience, all of them experienced divers with great stories they offered in return. Among them were some excellent photographers who shared their pictures with us. It was a great way to spend 2.5 days hiding from a typhoon.  By the time the storm passed we had made some new friends!

Everyone forms a human chain to get people and supplies to shore

Everyone helps with the evacuation of the stranded dive boat!

Everyone helps with the evacuation of the stranded dive boat!