Youth Action Program (YAP) Scholarship Fund

One People One Reef actively engages youth in their natural and cultural environments to ensure the development of knowledgeable, resilient, respectful leaders in ocean management & sustainability.

This Fund Supports:

  • accepted UYAP applicants with limited finances
  • students from previous seasons returning to Ulithi Atoll as leaders & mentors
  • local students as they continue to monitor the reef and fisheries independently during the rest of the year

For 2022, we seek $26,000 to fund:

  • 3 half scholarships of $3,000
  • 1 full scholarship of $6,000
  • $5,000 to support the program leader and assistant
  • $6,000 to cover direct costs such as boat and fuel expenses

Scholarships will be awarded according to financial need, student career goals and demonstrated academic and social responsibility. Students funded under the scholarship will provide an account of their work and experiences, which will be available to donors. 

Donations are needed by March 2022. Thank you for your support!

OPOR’s Youth Action Program (YAP) is an immersive three-week experience which engages youth in coral reef science, conservation, and community projects. Students gain an appreciation for the importance of both scientific methods & traditional coral reef management.

Ulithian students come to see their reefs from a new perspective – through the eyes of newcomers in their own age group. They engage in new ways with questions of reef management and conservation, and their individual role in the reefs’ and their community’s future.

Visiting students learn about the small, close-knit, traditional community that has lived from these reefs for millennia, and the wealth of knowledge they possess as a result. They see first-hand the challenges the community faces because of global issues like climate change, and local issues such as changing fishing practices and local impacts on reefs. They return home impassioned about sharing this story and working for a more sustainable future.